1972 Honda CT70H
I just bought this bike through an ad on Craigslist from someone in Platteville, Wisconsin. My friend Joey, who goes to school there, was able to pick up the bike and deliver it to me while he was home for the weekend. The bike is a 1972 Honda CT70H, also known as a Trail 70. The H means that this bike originally had a four speed, manual clutch transmission. Unfortunately, that engine was replaced with the more common three speed, automatic clutch model at some point. I like this bike because there are so many bolt on mods and it can be street legal so it might actually get ridden. As you can see in the pictures, it is very rough and needs a lot of work to get running. Fortunately, these bikes were built for a very long time and are still very popular so the parts I will need should be easy to find and cheap to buy. So far, I know that I need to: remove a broken exhaust stud, rewire to avoid using a battery, clean carb, replace plug, and buy new plug cap and fuel lines. (11-6-06)
Questions about the CT70?