1978 Honda CB125s
1978 Honda CB125s.  A fun bike, until the motor let go.
This is the theme for most of my toys.
I purchased this Honda CB125s in the fall of 1999 from a friend, Ryan.  I bought it for $200, with the assurance that everything worked on it.  Unfortunately, what Ryan did not tell me is that the bike runs off of the battery because the charging system was not working.  That's great until it runs out of charge and the bike stops running wherever it's at.  I searched for a new stator and voltage regulator all winter until I found them at www.motorcycleshopper.com, for sale in Arizona.  For $25 the bike was charging again.  Thanks to Bill Gunn, as always.
Thanks to Justin Olsen for letting me borrow his Katana to take the road test after the Honda died.
Next I bought a new air filter and housing from Engelhart Center of Madison, Wisconsin.  After that, the bike only needed a new battery to be ready to ride. I was happy to ride the CB125s offroad until I decided I wanted a streetbike.  To ride the CB125s on the street (legally) I would need a title and license plate.  Since neither Ryan or the person he got it from had a title, I would have to get a replacement.  I went to the Janesville Department of Motor Vehicles but they couldn't help me except to give me the phone number to the Wisconsin State DMV.  I called them and found out that I could get a new title if I just sent a letter explaining how I got the bike and why it didn't have a title.  I had a new title and license plate within a month.  I got my temporary license (a too-easy 25 question multiple choice exam) and was rollin'.  Although the bike is not fast and couldn't carry two people even if you could find a passenger who was willing, it is smooth, lightweight, has a low seat height and gets excellent gas mileage.  It handles fairly well, brakes just well enough so that you don't need to drag your feet and will maintain 55mph easily.  I even got it up to 65mph once by drafting a dump truck.  It's more than a little overgeared.  I rode it during the summer of 2000 until, one dark day, something in the motor let loose and the little 125 went to the promised land.  I don't even have a guess as to what might be wrong with it.  It smoked badly and then refused to stay running.  Now it won't even start.  The CB125s now sits in my garage, waiting for a better mechanic than myself to rescue it.  I will get to it someday when I get some of my other projects done.
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