K-cars forever!
    This is me with my 1987 Plymouth Reliant Station Wagon, the last time I ever saw it.  It's early February, 2002 just outside of Belmont on Highway 151.  I was headed for school on Sunday night when it started knocking.  I got about two miles further with it getting progressively louder when it made a loud noise and died.  I coasted it to a stop and looked at the motor.  A nice big hole in the oil pan.  I had checked the oil before I left, and the low oil pressure light never came on, so I guess it was just tired.  The transmission was slipping badly enough that it sometimes had trouble getting moving and the right side was still smashed in from an altercation with a Buick Regal.  The drivers side door would fall off if you opened it and the interior smelled like gas because my dad layed a snowblower in it sideways.  The car was treated perfectly until 60,000 miles and then destroyed as soon as I got it.  I remember trying to do a burnout from the first stop sign I saw in it.  I did reverse donuts in the high school parking lot.  I put it in the ditch in winter.  It saw more than its share of off road rally car action and Milton Avenue street racing.  Looking back, I'm surprised the wagon made it to 104,000 miles.  Thanks to Mother Mopar for K-cars, no matter what everybody else says.
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