1992 Kawasaki ZX7
    This is my 1992 Kawasaki ZX7.  I bought it in the fall of 2001 while I was working at Foxy's Cycle and Ski of Janesville, Wisconsin.  A customer brought it in to get fixed so he could sell it and I offered to buy it for $2000 in as-is condition.  He agreed to sell it for $2250, which I consider to be a good price.  It had blown fork seals and a stuck throttle cable.  John Hackett fixed the fork seals for me and I installed new front brake pads and adjusted the throttle cable.  If you ever remove the front wheel, remember to key the hub for the speedometer drive to the fork, otherwise it will twist and break the throttle cable immediately.  Because I forgot, I had to ride around for a month without a speedomter, wondering how fast I was going while the police follow me through Milton (they don't have much to do).
    Other than a small dent under the Second Look bra and a crack in the right side fairing, nothing else was wrong with the bike.  It came with a tinted windscreen, full Muzzy stainless exhaust and Bridgestone Battleaxe tires.  Although some people hate Bridgestones, I have no problem with them, other than that they feel a little slippery sometimes.  They are adequate for street riding.  I love the sound of the Muzzy exhaust.  It has a distinctive note, different than Yoshimura or other brands.  Not necessarily better, but you can tell who is coming when the ZX7 is on the gas.  I installed flush mount turn signals in the front that I ordered from Lockhart-Philips.  I also cut off the back fender/license plate mount and made a smaller one from sheet aluminum.  I attached carbon fiber look mini turn signals to this, also from Lockhart-Philips.  So far I have had lots of fun on the bike.  The only thing I haven't really liked about it is the seating position.  It is one of the most uncomfortable rockets I have ever ridden.  Do not buy this bike for sport touring, although it is fine for just riding around.  I have ridden it for two hours on the interstate to Platteville and it is not fun at all.
     All in all, a great bike, if you stick to its intended purpose of getting outside in the summer, ripping stuff up and generally looking cool. (2-26-02)
     I sold the ZX7 in March of 2002.  The economics of higher education became a priority.
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