2001 Yamaha YZF R6
I bought this bike in the summer of 2002 for $5250.  It had a little rash on the upper and the headlight had a couple scratches in it.  It had been laid down lightly but the person I bought it from had fixed everything else.  I ended up selling this upper on eBay and buying a brand new upper for only $50 more.  I polished the scratches out of the headlight.  I had a great time riding this bike.  It felt very light and had a motor that liked high rpms.  The only complaint I had about it was that it did seem to have the typical Yamaha shifting problem where it would sometimes go into neutral when shifted at high rpms from first to second.  This problem eventually results in the need for the transmission to be rebuilt in R6s from 99 to 2002.  I never had to work on this particular bike but it is expensive and requires knowledge of transmissions.  Take this into consideration before buying a first generation R6.
The picture below shows the pipe that I bought for this bike and the strangely placed frame sliders.  I purchased this pipe from a classified ad on the internet for $100 right before I sold the bike.  The pipe was a Jardine RT One slip on with the race baffle.  The pipe was very loud but had a nice tone to it, comparable to a D&D.  It definitely added some power at high rpms but didn't make a difference that I could feel down low.  No rejetting was required as it is a slip on.  The frame sliders were installed by the first owner of this bike.  The one on the left side is in the normal place for a slider but the right side is bolted to the frame right above the brake lever.  It was annoying until I got used to it.  I would not recommend this placement.  I believe it was probably done to avoid cutting the plastic or buying a more expensive set of sliders that included a bracket to mount the slider through a preexisting hole in the plastic.  Otherwise, this bike was all stock and mint.  I sold it in the spring of 2003 to take advantage of a good deal on a Grand Am.
Questions about the R6?